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How search and download images with Siri in Mac

Siri came to the Mac with macOS Sierra and since then our life is a little more comfortable. It Assistant digital of Apple is very comfortable to perform certain actions and today I want to explain how use Siri to download images in Mac.

Really what to do with Siri is a search for images using the voice, but then we can insert them in any document that we are creating or simply save the file to a folder on your Mac for use at any time.

Descargar imágenes con Siri en Mac

Download images with Siri on step-by-step Mac

To Search and download images with Siri on Mac should do the following:

1. the first step to download images with Siri on Mac is, obviously, enable Siri if we don’t have it already. This can make it from System PreferencesSiri and click on the enableoption.

Activar Siri

2 click on the button of Siri in the top menu bar, right next to the clock, or if we wish we can configure hears Siri on the Mac to activate the wizard with the voice as we do in iOS.

Icono Siri

3. once Siri is listening, we have to order to find images about what they want on the Internet. For example, looking for images of houses in Internet or seeks images of smartphones Internet.

Busca imágenes en Internet Siri

4.-Siri is put to work and almost of way immediate us will show a window with the images that has located. Now it only that must do is click on which want download and without releasing the button of the mouse drag it to the desktop or to the document where it want insert.

Resultado de la búsqueda de imágenes con Siri

This is all, with these steps you can download easily images from Internet using Siri. He Assistant digital of Apple uses the engine of search of Bing by default to perform the search and as advises in the window of results, these images can be subject to rights of author, by what can not be suitable for certain uses. Before the doubt it best would be trying to locate to the author of the image and ask permission for their use; especially if the are going to use commercially.

No doubt Siri can be a help very important at the time of work with a Mac. Thanks to it can computer to our computer that make certain things of form almost automatically, while we continue working on things more important or productive. You use Siri in your day to day? We count some of your functions favorite?

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