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How to check if a trade accepts payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay OKFrom December 1, anyone who has a Banco Santander, Carrefour Pass, Edenred or AMEX card can pay with Apple Pay in Spain. It is no secret that its expansion will be much slower than what is being it in other countries, and less if we take into account that has come with two years of delay, so it deserves the penalty check if a trade is compatible with the system of mobile payments from Apple before you go and get a little surprise , by what can happen.

Before comment this small and simple trick I would like to say that I speak of it now because already makes a month that can use Apple Pay in Spain, but that this system will be more reliable with the step of them months, when them of Cupertino go updating its maps. Said this already you have given a first track on how check if a trade accepts payments with Apple Pay: will have that look at it in the maps of Apple.

Use maps to check if a trade accepts payments with Apple Pay

The process is very simple. To check the availability of Apple Pay in a trade in concrete will make it next:

Comprobar si tienda es compatible con Apple Pay

  1. Open the application maps.
  2. Seek the trade on which we want to know if can pay with the service of payments from them of Cupertino. As I commented, right now not there are many shops that have updated its information in them maps of Apple, by what for do it test can search “Apple Store” u another store important of the country as “the Court English”. Is curious that being Carrefour the first trade not financial compatible still not it reflects as well in the maps of Apple.
  3. Now we play on an of the options. Will be shown your location on the map and, below, something of information.
  4. Slip the information to up. In “information useful” see, or not, the symbol of Apple Pay and a text that puts “accepts Apple Pay”. If has the “V” to the side, can pay there with the system of payments moving’s Apple.

This system also works from the application maps of macOS, if are making plans from a Mac and not want to get the iPhone or the iPad to check it. Now only lack that Tim Cook and company come to an agreement with more banks and shops of our country.

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