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How to mute notifications from your friends activity

The challenges of activity that offers Apple Watch are one more stimulus to practice exercise, but Apple goes beyond and wants that your friends you serve as a major stimulus still and it allows you to share with them, and they with you, the physical activity that you do, so you can see how their rings and receive notifications when you have completed your goals. This is something which may be up to fun and really can operate so that every time you ask higher goals, sometimes it can be also annoying if you have a long list of friends with whom you share and they do not stop get you notifications about activity. Everything has a solution and you can silence the notifications in a personalized way.

Just like to share your activity with your friends you have to enter in the activity of your iPhone application, to silence it must proceed in the same way. Go to the bottom right tab, just where you can read “Share” and there will access the list of friends (you included) with all the rings that have gotten in the last few days. By clicking on any of them you will see in more detail their activities, including distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

Underneath all that information you will see the options that interest us in this article:

  • Silence notifications: so that notifications of this person aren’t you specifically when you get your daily goals
  • Hide my activity: you can not see what you do, but it will continue to be your friend
  • Eliminate friend: needs little explanation…

If you do not want that person bother you more with your objectives fulfilled, or only be notified by certain people that you really believe that they are good reference, the only thing you have to do is go to silencing one that you include in your black list and you can continue enjoying your Apple Watch for your physical activity and share it with who you want.

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