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How to save the parking location with Google Maps

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Since the release of iOS 10, Apple maps allow us to store in our device location of parking our car, a function that works in combination with CarPlay or the vehicle, that bluetooth once disconnected gives instructions to the device so that it stores the location. Since a few days ago Google Maps also allows us to store the location of our car park, so that when we go to pick up the car, we devote to spin the Apple looking for it, something that more than one will have happened, but unlike Apple Google Maps service which allows us to set the location manually.

The option for manually through Google maps, is ideal for all those users who CarPlay in his vehicle was not available and that either have a bluetooth connection for the smartphone, although for a while now most vehicles offer us any of these benefits. Store location in Google Maps is a very simple process that just will not take a few seconds.

Store the location of the car park in Google Maps

  • Once we’ve parked the vehicle, we will proceed to open the application. Map our location will be shown by a blue dot .
  • Then click on the blue dot from our location and a pop-up menu will be displayed where you will have to select set location as parking.

As us away from the location of our vehicle to see how P one appears in that position, indicating parking it’s at the bottom of the map will be displayed the time that has elapsed since the aparcaramos. This way we can know throughout time, elapsed time if we need to take a ticket from the blue area if you are in this kind of way.

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