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How to view every app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch battery consumption

The autonomy of mobile devices, especially smartphones, is one of the weaknesses of virtually all models that are on the market. In the case of the iPhone this is no different and so everything you can do to improve the autonomy is very important.

In this post we want to explain How to view the battery consumption which makes each of the apps that we have installed on our iPhone. Thanks to this we can know if any app is consuming too much energy and try to stop this “drained” battery changing any settings or even using an alternative app that consumes less battery power and eliminating the problem.

Ver consumo de batería por app en iPhone y iPad

Steps to view the battery consumption of each app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 10

Within the settings of all devices running iOS 10, there is an option that allows us to see the power consumption which makes each app in the last 24 hours and also in the last seven days.

Thanks to this feature, we can know the impact of every application in the autonomy of our iDevice and optimize it. For this last can resort to, as said before, change configurations, limit the use in second flat or in those cases more ends replace any application by an alternative that meets them same functions but consume less power.

To see the both percent of battery consumed by each app should give the following steps:

1 open the iOS device settings app and access the batterysection.

Ajustes de batería en iOS

2 we wait a few seconds and in the part of the bottom of the screen to see appear a list where you can see the consumption of all apps installed on the device.

Consumo de batería por app en iPhone y iPad

By default the list will show battery consumption during the last 24 hours. If we want to see the accumulated of the last seven days we have to touch on the button last 7 days which is at the top of the list of apps.

In addition, if you touch the clock icon can show the exact time that apps have been showing on the screen (i.e. the time have used them) and also in the background. This allows us to see if e percentage of battery use is very high, or is reasonable compared to the actual hours of use we have made the application.

Once we detect what apps are draining the battery of our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch up to make decisions. Is there any app in the list which we can delete without spoiling it missing? Any app that just use consumes much battery? Make us questions of this type can help us and after remove that sobran get an improves of the autonomy of our iDevice, something that always is of thank.

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