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Intuiton, game of questions and answers that our strategy

Do you like games of questions and answers? In this type of games we can demonstrate our expertise, but and if you added a bit of strategy to the cocktail? If we added it, that cocktail would be called Intuiton, a game that we can compete with other players to see who hits more questions and, on the other hand, show who is able to develop the best strategy to eliminate opponents.

But what is that of eliminating opponents? Good, Intuiton not is a game of questions and answers normal; of that type already there are several in the App Store and end up by not bring anything new. He game protagonist of this post, besides them questions, adds others elements that will make that is all more fun, as some lives that will have to keep to get it more far possible or try that our rival them lose.

Intuiton introduces the lives to the games of questions

The mechanics of the game is more simple than it seems: to begin with, we need rivals to compete. To find them, can search among our contacts, by internet or wait for them to invite us to us (important to have notifications active if this is what we want). Once we have already created a Group of opponents, we will have to start the game.

These items, as we have already mentioned several times, are questions and answers. As it would be very difficult or little fluid to each write a response, Intuiton will provide us with a response for each user (i.e., 4 If we are 4) between which each user must choose one. Up each response will be shown the avatar of the user that it has selected, but that does not means that we not can choose the same. And, it more strange in a game of this type, only an of the answers will be incorrect and that will be the response that, in a principle, us make losing an of them 5 lives with which started the split.

With regard to the system of lives, would have the following:

  • Correct answer: maintain the lives that we have at that moment.
  • Shared response (the same one that has chosen another user): lose half life.
  • Wrong answer: will lose a life.
  • We do not respond: we will lose a life.

At the end of each game, will be distributed prizes in the form of coins that you can redeem for some improvements. The improvements will be a Robavidas, with which we can steal a life to a rival, or reset, allowing us to return to the game when we have already run out of lives, something that we will do with the same number of lives than the rival that had more lives when we removed.

The possibility of putting the “tripping”, main reason of their addiction

Because them games are for fun us and pass the time, the great difference of this game with others of thematic similar are them lives and the possibility of manage them, both them our as it of our rivals. Especially when you play among friends, nothing bothers us more than a close acquaintance do us a work that harms us in a game of something. But if someone steals us life in a game, that do not fit him the slightest doubt that there will only be one word etched in our minds: revenge. To the following split will try to make it best to have it possibility of steal you us a life to it and see how bites the dust. But, if we do, what we will be doing is to bring the tail to a fish that will not stop spinning on its own.

Another fun part of Intuiton is taking certain risks: we already know that there are three valid answers, but some of them will be more logical than others. With this in mind, our hand is choosing a more logical response and get more ballots lose half life because another user choose the same answer or choose the less logic of correct answers to try that nobody responds the same as us and retain the full life. The decision is ours.

If you like them games of questions and answers not going to appoint other titles of the App Store, but there is that recognize that to the end is all very monotonous. If you are looking for a breath of air fresh, Intuiton is as a 50 by 15 to the reverse (would like be Millionaire?) that is plays with several users, with only a response incorrect and in which the lives are very important. Who gives more?

intuiton (AppStore Link)

Diego Carballo

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