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iOS 10.3 could arrive with a keyboard floating for the iPad

Teclado flotante del iPad de iOS 10.3Yesterday was a day relatively important for iOS. Changing the first number not be released, but yes was launched the first beta of what will be an average update or spring of Apple’s mobile operating system. As iOS 9.3 with Night Shift (among others) and iOS 8.4 with a new application music, iOS 10.3 will come with some interesting news, among which I would highlight the APFS files or the Search my AirPodsfunction system.

But not only what you see is what there is. Whenever a new iOS beta is released, developers navigate through your code to find potential hidden features, something that made this time Steven Troughton-Smith to discover iOS 10.3 code includes a floating keyboard which would serve to typing with one hand on the iPad, something that at least in the first beta is disabled by default in a similar way to the dark mode he already discovered another developer months ago.

iOS 10.3 will arrive in the middle of March or beginning of April

New in iOS 10.3, a one-handed floating iPad (9.7 “or less) keyboard layout. Can be moved around onscreen like the PiP overlay 🤔

-Steve t (@stroughtonsmith) January 24, 2017

According to Troughton-Smith, the function will be available for 9.7 Apple tablets inches or less, that would leave out the iPad of 12.9 inches. A rumor says that Tim Cook and company will present an iPad from 10.x inch and do not appear in the code is something normal to not give clues. Explained this and if I have to be honest, I am surprised that initially the keyboard is not available for the iPad’s larger size. It would not well to be able to use this keyboard with Apple Pencil?

The famous developer explains that the floating keyboard which has discovered works very similarly to how picture-in-picture with videos: keyboard window can be moved to the position you want, but with the difference that its size will be fixed and will coincide with the size of the keyboard of the iPhone.

At the moment we cannot know if this floating keyboard will come when iOS 10.3 is released officially, but it could be one of the presenting us with the new iPad in the spring.

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