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iOS 11 could suggest actions automated according to our habits

A few days ago jumped the news that Apple had bought Workflow and now a new patent shows what appears to be a growing interest in the heart of the company: Automation.

The new patent awarded to Apple explains how would run a technology that would allow iOS devices learn our customs and on the basis of them move to automate certain tasks routine as, for example, set an alarm, activate the do not disturb, etc, etc…

Apple registra una patente de automatización que podría usar con iOS 11

Apple patents a technology based on the automation

Thanks to sensors boasts the iPhone could know at all times what is happening. With the GPS could know the places to which we move common, with accelerometer to know at any time if we are walking, running, mounted in a vehicle, etc, etc… Thanks to this information iOS could establish patterns and based on them provide us automation of different types that make us life a little easier.

Most of us follow a more or less stable routines. We usually go to bed every day at approximately the same time, we also rose at the same time, we move every day to the place of work, etc, etc… With this in mind, it seems that Apple’s patented technology could bring useful automation to our do not disturb devices such as automatic activation of alarms or mode, open a particular app, etc, etc…

Esquema de nueva patente de automatización de Apple

In addition, thanks to iCloud this information could be always synchronized between all our devices, so “live” in the Apple ecosystem would make even more sense that already it has today.

Of course the examples set out in the patent are very basic, but really could be much more important combined with Workflow technology and future enhancements that would be arriving with the passage of time.

Will you use this technology with iOS 11 Apple do? It would certainly be a very important novelty and who would surely like to most users of the operating system.

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