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Iris scanner will come to the iPhone in the coming year


Many have been those users that have manifested after know that the Samsung Note 7 integrated a scanner of iris, that that was a silly, that if with glasses of Sun not works, that if with little light nor, that if still not is well optimized… Seems that when Samsung launches any feature innovative that not is available still in the iPhone, has that despise the. For all those users that have criticized the use of a scanner of iris in the Note 7, you should know that the next iPhone, which will be the tenth anniversary, will integrate a scanner of iris, according to has informed DitiTimes.


DigiTimes says that the sources of this news come from the chain of supplies. Previously this same half said that the possible arrival of an iris scanner would not until the year 2018. Seems that the company has advance them plans to implement this new measure of safety that is would complement with the Touch ID, since a this new scanner of iris not implies the disappearance of the Touch ID. The scanner of iris is ideal when when have them hands occupied or stained and need to make use of the device.

But also this scanner iris also will allow used to confirm payments via Apple Pay, as we currently do through Touch ID. The iris of the eye is equal to or more complex that one fingerprint that manufacturers seems to want to opt for this security measure that could eventually replace the footprints in a future sensor.

According to DigiTimes, Xintec, which is associated with the manufacturer of Apple TSMC, will begin mass production of chips for recognition of iris in 2017. This new security measure would be implemented in the models that the Cupertino-based company launch to the market the coming year.  For the moment let’s wants many of the buzz surrounding the iPhone 7 are confirmed to start talking about the iPhone 10 anniversary, that the coming year will reach the market.

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