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Is filtering a video that shows a screen more thin and an increase of battery in the Apple Watch 2

pantalla bateria apple watch 2

Less than a week for the next great Apple Keynote, I prefer the Keynote’s software: finally have something we can try (in beta) the next day and we will not have to spend money… Out of jokes, the next 7 of September will witness to the birth of the next iPhone 7, and who knows if we will see a new Apple Watch 2.

And this occasion not going to be less, are many them rumors that is filtered daily about them possible devices of the boys of Cupertino. What’s new, a video showing alleged pieces of the next Apple Watch 2: a thinner than the current screen, and a higher capacity battery…

Click here to view the embedded video.

As you have seen, in the video we see a guy who is made with a package of the Distributor Byte, British company which sells accessories and original spare parts from Apple. A video in which we see the so-called new parts of the next Apple Watch 2 compared with them of the Apple Watch current. Some parts of which highlight a screen much more fine that it of the Apple Watch current and a battery of more capacity that which we have now. Changes quite understandable of face to them guys of Cupertino launched a new smartwatch in the next days… Slimming the device is something that call for many users, it can seem something big but nothing compared with others watches of high range that are more than the double of the Apple Watch. The battery is another handicap, although to be honest, if you load it during the night will last it all day without problems (to my usually me lasts more than one day).

Already know, this is it’s always, now plays believe us another rumor more or wait the surprises of Apple. It is truth that to the end both rumor tires, especially when us it try to BREW with things quite “impossible” but never is knows. The experience of these last years us says that to the end all them rumors is confirm and us plays attend to Keynote’s without any grace, Keynote’s that we presented what already knew. We will see that passes the next Wednesday 7 of September…

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