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It measures your speed and record your travels by car with speedometer, free for a limited time

Most of us when we don’t know where we are going exactly make use of Google Maps or maps of Apple app and follow their instructions, unless that hitting a look at the destination we are situated quickly. But tend not to make use of these applications during the whole journey, more than anything by the consumption that make of battery (if we need to previously reach the city where you will find our destination) in addition to mobile data consumes. App speedometer shows us no information about our destination, but on the contrary, is in charge of inform you at all times the speed we carry, informarmos over the speed limit among many other things.

Speedometer, have a reg. 1.99 Euros, but for a limited time you can download for free via the link that I leave at the end of the article. Thanks to Velocimetero we can quickly see our current speed, as well as the average and the highest we have achieved. It also allows us to calculate the distance traveled in kilometers or miles, the duration of the trip as well as allowing us to record the journey we have made.

In case outside little, also allows us to add speed limits with different shades for the alerts. We can make use of the application in portrait or landscape mode and use it as HUD Paar show the speed on the windshield of our vehicle, perimitiendonos adjust the brightness of the simply by sliding your finger over it. Speedometer have an average of 4.5 stars out of possible 5 rating, requires iOS 7 minimum and is cmopatible with the Apple Watch. It is available in Spanish, so language will not be a barrier to control our travel data at all times and be informed in real time.


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