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Japan Display would be preparing flexible LCD panels for Apple

Are before a news that already carry time debating but that this time comes from one of them executives of Japan Display, a manufacturer of panels LCD Japanese that says be preparing a great amount of these panels flexible for their customers. In this sense referred to Apple and Huawei are two of the maximum out of Japan Display. Is for this reason that the rumors about the possibility that in the year 2018 the new iPhone added flexible cobra force, but and what about the rumored screens OLED curves?

The words of the director of operations, Shuji Aruga)(2007-04), claim an increase of its production for the year 2018 is related to demand, but also risks in their words as it is clear and explains that without the high demand of its customers is would not present a mass of this type of flexible panels manufacturing. It obviously makes us think that if this is true of everything in a couple of years the new iPhone models could mount this type of flexible LCD panel, leaving the rumors about the Assembly of panels OLED on the side of the road either by combining both for different versions of the iPhone.

But not everything is for the iPhone or Smartphones Huawei, these panels or more though this type of LCD panel is cheaper and easier to manufacture, so it is expected that they may be used in all kinds of devices both Huawei, iPhone, smartphones may be the iPad or any device that requires a flexible screen. On the other hand the quality of LCD screens is not the same that can offer the OLED, so you have to be attentive to the movements of these companies in the future to see first hand the progress and improvements that can be implemented.

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