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Large Apple the Apple Watch of first generation guarantee

One of the strengths of Apple is their customer service. The company has always paid close attention to this point and now follows it making and demonstrating on countless occasions. On this occasion it has been to do with the Apple Watch first generation that have problems with batteries.

Even though it is not a widespread problem, Apple has sent a notice to the authorized repair centers to accept the repair free of charge of Apple Watch first generation in which battery has been swollen and moved the screen (such as that you can see in the picture which accompanies these lines).

Apple Watch batería desplazada

Apple takes care of troubleshooting on Apple Watch batteries out of warranty

This would be completely normal in devices that are under warranty, but the real news is that the company has expanded the time is three years and is accepting those who have already exhausted the legal warranty period.

As I said at the beginning it doesn’t seem to be a problem that affects many users of the first generation of the smartwatch of Apple, but is good news to know that if we have one and it presents problems of this kind we can count on the authorized service company to get it repaired it without any associated cost.

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