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Load faster and three times longer, so is the next iPhone battery?

Among the main desires that we always want to see fulfilled when a new iPhone is released, a battery is with a better autonomy. Despite the fact that the iPhone currently enjoy a reasonable battery life, it is never enough. This is seen particularly increased in the case of devices of 4.7-inch screen, without that extra space that does the Plus model to expand the capacity of the same.

That’s why a significant increase in the duration of the battery would be well received by all, since it would be less aware of the remaining percentage, offering greater freedom when making use of our mobile device. So, it is no wonder that if a team led by John Goodenough – the father of the current batteries of ion-litio-announces a new type of technology for batteries the excitement begins to grow.

According to Appleinsider, this team based at the University of Texas would have managed to create a new fireproof battery (Hello, Galaxy Note 7!), with a longer life cycle and load rates greater than the current ones. Basically, our dream come true. The best thing of this is that, in addition to all the benefits offered by this type of batteries, its manufacture is more simple and more respectful with the environment, which is essential in a world where the power is becoming more indispensable.

Although it seems that the first steps towards the commercialization of these batteries may already be underway, know if there is a real possibility that we see this technology in the next model of iPhone. For many users, a stride in the duration of your device no doubt would mean more than any other news that Apple may introduce.

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