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Microsoft introduces new models in the range Surface, with an all-in-one spectacular


Microsoft has had its special event this afternoon where he has presented their new products by the end of this year and 2017, and has done so with two new models of computers, a desktop and a laptop, especially oriented to the design. The response of the Redmond to the great acceptance that the Air iPad has been in the world of graphic design thanks to its excellent screen and the Apple Pencil. Surface Book i7 and a spectacular Surface Studio are Microsoft’s big bets for this year, and you have the details then presentation videos.

Surface Book i7

The new portable Surface Book i7 is the renewal of the model presented last year and whose acceptance has been pretty discreet with sales figures well below expected according to different studies. According to Microsoft have managed to double the power of the laptop, and the model more powerful (and expensive) is up to three times more powerful than the more expensive MacBook Pro model. Another of its strengths is the autonomy, with a battery that provides up to 16 hours of work according to the official data. Worst undoubtedly has been the design of a high-end laptop. The most basic model with i7, 256 GB storage, 8 GB of RAM and processor are priced at $2.399 game, we will have to wait and see what conversion applied to know its price in euros, but it will be surely higher than the € 2,500. The more expensive model, with 16GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage, will cost $3.299. Both will be available from November 10.

Surface Studio, an all-in-one who falls in love with

But don’t worry because soon it will be you falling in love, as soon as you know your price. Microsoft has thrown the rest with its new range of desktop, specifically with this new Surfaace Studio. A screen of 28 inches, according to Microsoft the thinnest LCD monitor ever made, and a resolution of 13.5 million pixels, self-proclaimed by the company as the best in the market monitor. But the most interesting thing about this computer is that the screen can fold to insert it as a Tablet design and thanks to which is tactile, pencil and what has been called “Dial Surface”, an accessory that is a rotating wheel, it will be more than one graphic designer’s dream for Christmas. The bad thing is the price, as I indicated before: $2.999 for the most basic model that includes an Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM and 1 TB of storage, not too many specifications for many works of design. The more expensive model with i7, 32GB of RAM and 4GB of GPU processor is priced at $4.199. How many you order for these Kings?

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