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Netatmo Weather Station, weather information in your hand

Netatmo offers a wide range of home accessories that are responsible for such diverse functions as control home heating or monitor who is close to our front door. One of its best-known and best valued products is your weather station, Netatmo Weather Station, which, thanks to the possibility of extending through accessories that attach to the base, allow us to control not only the weather of our exterior, but also the quality of the air inside and the temperature. We have tested them and we told our impressions.

The weather station consists of a main base which is connected to the mains, and a smaller outdoor base that runs on batteries. Both devices will be responsible for collecting information from the outside and the inside, including temperature, humidity, air pollution, quality of indoor air, etc. All these data are accessible from anywhere by applying for iPhone and iPad thanks to the base is connected to the home WiFi network, so from work you will see inside House conditions from the screen of your iPhone.

Netatmo Weather (AppStore Link)
Netatmo Weather


Netatmo offers a range of accessories which can be connected to the meteorological basis and sold separately. You can add several temperature sensors and air to the interior of the House, an anemometer to control the speed and direction of the wind, and a rain gauge to collect data on rain. All these devices are connected to the base and work with batteries, and add them is very simple, from the own application for iOS.

One of the most interesting Netatmo base features is its map which includes details of all the bases of the brand that are connected. Discover real-time weather conditions in your city, the city where you’re going to spend your holiday or where going to travel for work is possible thanks to the app for iOS, you can even access all data from any web browser from your Netatmo account. We show you how it works in the following video.

In the negative part can only mention does not support HomeKit, something that it is strange and become that hopefully solved in update is future brand, because it would add an important plus a range of accessories which is really interesting for those who do not conform with the application time of iOS and want to have your solution in house. The range Netatmo is available for purchase from Amazon, being the basis of a price.

Opinion of the editor


  • Wi-Fi
  • Compact and modern design
  • Multiple measurements
  • Possibility of expanding with accessories
  • Access to information from anywhere


  • Incompatible with HomeKit
  • Absence of information display

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