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New problems for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7


The Galaxy Note 7 has all the earmarks of being one of the devices that the Korean company has cost more money. On the one hand we have the money which has invested in the company in r & d to launch Galaxy Note 7, the different advertising campaigns and the expense of having to replace all the Galaxy Note 7 who went into the market until they began to exploit the first terminals. Recently more than one week that began the programme of replacement of terminals at risk of explosion with new ones, whose main difference is found in the color of the battery icon, which replaced models is blue.

Apparently these new terminals are also suffering problems with the battery, but at least in this case they are not causing the explosion of the terminals, but they are watching as the battery is consumed rapidly even if the terminal is idle without performing any activity. In some cases, the battery has lowered a 50% in so only 30 minutes. In other cases, the percentage of battery of the device not has exceeded the 10% after being all the night loading. Fortunately for time these cases only is are finding with Korea of the South.

A spokesman for the company said that this new problem is not the batteries used by Samsung in the terminals that have been replaced. Still so Samsung says that already is studying the cases to see which is the problem to which is faces again the signature Korean with the Note 7. Before start the program of replacement, Samsung offered the option of return the Note 7 and receive a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge more the difference of price of them terminals, but seems that the people has followed opting by enjoy of the last ship logo of them Korean despite the problem of explosions that have suffered some users.

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