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New rumors are now running two models of the iPhone and not three

We are at this moment which already everything seems possible and is that rumors about the new iPhone 2017 not cease despite the time remaining until they arise. For many days, the media have been warning that the guys at Cupertino will present us two iPhone models 7 and 7s Plus, in addition to an iPhone ‘X’, but this now seems that it will not and shall be in two models of iPhone as always. Logically the rumor may have its share of truth if we consider that it would be the first time in the history of Apple to present three devices at the same time, although this year must be taken into account that marks the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone…

What is clear is that this year the rumors and leaks have begun very early, something that Apple comes well, but who we enough tide media and users who follow the topicality of these leaks. The Touch ID on the back or below the screen, the screen of 5.7 in a size 7, three new models iPhone as iPhone or now this rumor us head enough spin on the submission of only two models , and it is possibly something that also interested in the company. It is logical to think that they could skip 7s iPhone to iPhone 8, but we must continue to see more details.

In this sense the website is the main actor, is responsible for spreading this rumor coming from privileged information of the Apple supply chain according to them and is curious that this same media appeared at the beginning of this year explaining that Yes three new models of iPhone, would present two models “7s” corresponding to the year and model Specia Edition. In any case it is permissible to think that Apple will present its two new models and ready, and that it will present a special to celebrate this tenth anniversary.

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