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Noti: Do with Reminders, free for a limited time

Whenever we started the year, we seek to make a lot of promises, of which one or none tend to meet, well because we forget or simple unwillingness. To avoid that they forget some of these promises, we can make use of applications that remind us every day the commitment that we have tried to acquire. A large number of applications available for it, some payment and others with shopping there are in-app in the App Store. Today we speak of the application Note: Do with Reminders, one of the applications for payment, for a limited time you can download for free via the link that I leave at the end article.

Noti: Do with Reminders, is an application very simple that has. a price usual in the App Store of 1.99 euros, but as you have informed, currently is can download of form free. Note allows you to create a list of tasks to do, tasks created as list and can go deleting / branding as we are doing them. This application is ideal for the purpose that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, to make shopping lists, to prepare all that we have to take a trip…

This application stands out among the great most that there is available in the App Store because us offers a widget for the center of notifications that us allows add, edit or complete them tasks pending, something that very few make. In addition it is compatible with the tasks of iOS, has an icon that shows the number of pending tasks, offers 6 colors to customize the application and synchronize with our iPad through Dropbox (for now none of iCloud), which can be a problem for users who do not have an account in this storage service.

Noti:Do with Reminders (AppStore Link)
Noti:do with Reminders


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