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Ones Beats Solo3 free with the purchase of a Mac or iPhone for the year new in China

And is that this type of promotions are to the order of the day in Apple and more with those headphones Beats. In this occasion and with the celebration of the new year in China, them boys of Cupertino have decided include in the purchase of a Mac or an iPhone them new headphones Beats Solo3. This promotion is the same carried out some time ago around the world as part of the program Back to School that takes place in the month of June, now have decided to launch a similar promotion to celebrate the arrival of the new year 2017 in China.

In this occasion what have on the table is a promotion for them users that is launched by the purchase of an iPhone of any model including them more new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, something that not passes with them Mac that only is available this “gift” in them iMac, a MacBook of 12 inches, the veteran MacBook Air , the previous model of MacBook Pro and Mac Pro leaving aside the new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and the Mac mini. The promotion to get these Beats Solo3 in red (in all cases, the color is red) will be active until January 6.

A few days ago we saw the Elimination of the lucky bag or bags of the fate which had a price of $300 and all kinds of bags, accessories and even some iPad or MacBook Air with a value much higher than paid, for discounts on products in Japan, added that now the arrival of this promotion with the Beats Solo3 is added exclusively in China. Not understand why not is launches in all the world this type of promotions, but is something that usually make usually Apple and by this nor is something that we arrive again.

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