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Or accept the new conditions of Whatsapp or you stay without Whatsapp


Not more than one month ago that all media echoed that Whatsapp updated its terms and conditions and we warned that it would begin to share our phone number and our connections with Facebook, an update of terms that you warn could not accept not agreeing with the guys at the most famous messaging service to share your information with the company that took care of them , or rather bought them their service, Facebook.

Nothing is free, that must be clear, and there are many companies doing big business with free services in Exchange for sharing all our data, the big business of data and applications… Them terms and conditions of which we spoke them guys of Whatsapp is could cancel, Yes, or rather postponed… And is that now are many those users that are receiving a new notice: or accept the new terms and conditions (share your data with Facebook) or leave of use Whatsapp…


And as you can see in the image earlier, not there are more options. If you are of that aplazasteis this acceptance of terms, this new message not will take much in appear when open your Whatsapp. It best is that in this occasion not can postpone the acceptance, or pass by the hoop accepting these new terms or it better that can do is delete the application of Whatsapp. Not you can use Whatsapp without accepting the terms.

That Yes, you do not despair, there are more options: Telegram, iMessage… If you put a search you not appetizing in finding alternatives to the Green Giant. That Yes, you have to take into account the large number of users of Whatsapp and at the end have all the contacts there will make you decantéis by another courier or you finish going through the dark plans of Facebook…

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