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Photos and ephemeral videos reach the Instagram Drirects

Facebook continues to work with the intention of adding functionalities to Instagram that become it the ultimate social network. While it is true that the application has more features that one would expect from an application of this nature, all are welcome, especially for the consumption of battery and data which make, which in itself is a real drain. However, this latest update is quite interesting face to convert to a method of a messaging application more. Go there to take a look at innovations that Instagram includes without telling us absolutely nothing in advance.

In fact, most already know pretty well this function, and the “Direct” Instagram are the method with which we communicate with others when we want to respond to a ‘story’ that has shared in his account, thus opens a quick conversation. As has now come a most interesting novelty if it fit, and is that we can add “ephemeral” to those talks, videos and photographs IE to If you click on the camera icon that appears at the bottom right of the text box, you can add a photo, video or Boomerang that can see the other person, but which will disappear immediately.

You want to convert Instagram Direct at the best place for fun and Visual conversations

Ephemeral content increasingly is becoming more popular on social networks, the WhatsApp Status have been a total failure, but not so stories of Instagram, which proved to be a success, allowing us to share content quickly, and little lasting. This last major update has come to the iOS App Store during yesterday, which does not however is the possibility to disable this type of content to form of ‘Stories’ on Facebook and WhatsApp, despite the excessive consumption of data and battery that entails.

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