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PinOut! is the game that is revolutionizing the App Store, know it


Mediocre AB has returned, this time with the development of PinOut!, a fun game that rather looks like a pin-ball by levels. We are going to take this fateful afternoon late Sunday to recommend a game to have a good time. This new game with psychedelic graphics and speed of infarction, will allow us to go dead moments, a perfect game for queues and public transport. On the other hand, the game is completely free, and does not include integrated payments where is the trick? We tell you a little more about PinOut!

This is how the developer gives

The award-winning developers of successes Smash Hit and Does not Commute have reinvented the pinball! Race against time in a continuous journey through this mysterious canon of vibrant lights and retro rhythms. The classical mechanics of pinball has remodeled into an amazing arcade experience.

PinOut is a free game and has no ads.  You can buy an optional feature of the single payment as integrated purchase which allows you to continue from the control points.

But we want to have an impact in the second paragraph, i.e. the game is absolutely free and does not have integrated payments. It has a single payment from €1,99 (so the game is not too expensive), with which we can achieve control points. I.e., the game is continuous, but whenever we die we have to start from the beginning, something like Super Mario. In fact, other famous or as TigerBall games are following the same trail.

As we have said, the game is free, weighs approximately 150 MB and is developed universally, with compatibility a lot, since it will work on any iOS from iOS 6.0 device. The game is now in the top of the free downloads of the iOS App Store and it is catching on pretty good in the public, is also one of the recommendations from the App Store.

PinOut! (AppStore Link)

Mediocre AB

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