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Resistance to fall between an iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S8

Last March 29, Samsung Koreans presented officially the eighth generation of its model star, the Galaxy S, a model of which as all the features and specifications, had filtered quite so the event itself was very unattractive. I must admit, I had hope that Samsung will launch anything new that has not been filtered, but unfortunately was not the case. As I discussed a few days ago, the main difference between the S7 and S8 is aesthetic, thanks to screen infinite (as Samsung has been called), which reduces the upper and lower frame while the lateral part of the screen as we all know.

While the guys at iFixit received your drive and begin to examine it to see the possibilities of repair (which are probably very few, like its predecessor, if the screen breaks) in YouTube can already find some comparative in which is put to test resistance to fall between the new handset from Samsung and an iPhone 7. TechRax, subjected both devices two fell from 1.5 metres. In the first one both handsets are released side and as we can see, both models just receive damages in the case, damage that caused a mark on the housing.

However, when they throw it upside down both devices, iPhone 7 are the worst part, already not only breaks the glass screen, but that has also stopped working the same, because the terminal continues on as the dedicated button to silence the iPhone, gives us the desired response to activate it. Instead the Galaxy S8, and its dreaded screen protected by Gorilla Glass 5, also suffers the effect of breakage of the screen, but to a lesser extent, since only shown cracks in the screen that do not affect the operation of the.

If you look well at the fall of the S8, we can see how does not fall on the ground with the front panel, as if you happen to iPhone 7. But the fall if that causes a bounce on the floor what the S8 received a frontal impact, not two, but on the top side of the screen. What is clear is that the manufacturer must continue working not only in the battery life, but also in the protection offered by Crystal, a protection that despite the promises of the manufacturer, remains the more weak forcing part the user to have to use protective screen in addition to covers.

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