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“Ride” is the new ad of the AirPods in Spain

Apple takes many years being leader in what to advertising is concerned. Since 1984 when he revolutionized the way to advertise with that announcement, evoking the “Big Brother” has been doing really interesting ads that leave no one indifferent. Recently we saw that ad shot in the swimming pool of a hotel in Barcelona, today he has another ad more, have called ride and let’s take a look together, that Apple believes it is advertising the AirPods at this time where usually consume much less if we take as a reference the previous month, when holiday shopping were booming.

Announcement is not entirely new, as it was released in other countries and how it can be another way, in the North American market. However, it has reached Spain the Spanish version of the same, where the only thing that changes is the language, how it could be otherwise. The protagonist of the same is Lil Bucks, a spectacular dancer American.

This would have us see the AirPods are also intended to move, to move both and as well as Lil Bucks does. In this way are intended to ensure that we are not going to fall do what hagamos, although honestly would not deposit all my confidence in this.

Meanwhile, what if it is falling is the availability of these headphones so special from the Cupertino company, we find that it is hardly available units in less than a week. As not could be of another mode, in today iPhone have cast a look interesting to them AirPods of the hand of our companion Luis Padilla, so as, if like pass you by this review that us left and throw you a look to any of our articles corresponding to them AirPods to be well informed.

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