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Sago Mini Monsters, free for a limited time

During the next two weeks, our children enjoy a well deserved holiday, as well as teachers… During this time we should try to have the maximum possible time entertaining our children. To try this time to pass as soon as possible, throughout this week I have been informing about different games and applications that you can download for free for a limited time. Pool Break and Relight are some of the applications and games that are or have been available for download for free. Today we speak of a game for the youngest Sago Mini Monsters, a game that has a reg. 2.99 Euros, but which we can download for free for a limited time.

With Sago Mini Monsters, children can create their own Monster, monster that can be customized with different colors in addition to providing food, brush his teeth, taking photographs… in such a way that each of the monsters will be unique and different. Sago Mini Monsters is designed to stimulate feelings of pride and ownership of the little ones, as well as his instinct to care for in addition to stimulating the capacity of amazement, creativity and curiosity of children.

Characteristics of Sago Mini Monsters

  • Children can change both as mouth eyes and horns of the monsters.
  • The color of the monsters can also be customized.
  • Our children will have to prepare food to keep them fed at all times, in addition to brushing them those huge teeth who have.
  • Design your own monster and make pictures to save them and share them later.
  • Sago Mini Monsters is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 4 years.
  • Like all games developer Sago Sago Toys, Sago Mini Monsters does not have shopping in-app or any advertising in its interior.
Sago Mini Monsters (AppStore Link)
Sago Mini Monsters

Sago Sago Toys Inc.

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