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Scanned documents with SharpScan Pro, free for a limited time

For several years, the App Store is filled with applications that allow us to scan documents as a specific device if it were. I have to admit that he had always had my doubts about the quality of this kind of applications, but until I did not try them, I was not convinced. Such applications allow us to make use of the camera of your device to scan any document, for large or small to be and quickly convert it to PDF format to then share it by email, messaging, Evernote, OneNote… Today we speak of SharScan Pro + OCR, an application that has a regular price of 2.99 euros but that can download for free for a limited time.

With SharpScan Pro + OCR can scan with the camera of your device any document one by one or by volume. Detection of the edges of the document, the image processing eliminates not corresponding to the document showing only the scanned document. Obviously the application does not do miracles for which we must do everything possible so that the application offers us good results, so it is always advisable to make photos with light enough and not far removed from the document.

SharpScan Pro + OCR, as its name indicates not only allows us to scan documents, but it also also allows us to recognize the text of the documents to scan, but to do so, we are going to have to make purchase using in-app available in the application and which is priced at 2.99 euros. This is the only limitation that we find using this app, a function that is not useful for many users. To download the application so only you have to click on the following link.

SharpScan Pro + OCR: escanea documentos PDF (AppStore Link)
SharpScan Pro + OCR: scan PDF documents


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