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Smart PDF Scanner, free for a limited time

The arrival of smartphones in the market, not only meant the end of compact cameras to many millions of users, who could capture their memories with their smart phones, but it also meant the end of devices that allow us to scan documents, that no photographs. In the App Store we can find a large number of applications that allow us to scan documents with the help of our smartphone camera. If you’ve never tried it because you think that the results leave much to be desired, I recommend you to do it. To start you can use Smart PDF Scanner, an application that has a price of 4.99 euros , but which you can download for free for a limited time.

Thanks to Smart PDF Scanner can scan almost any document then convert it to PDF format and send it by email. This kind of applications technology allows to detect the edges of the document, at any time to remove them from the final image, so it gives very similar results to that will be able to find in scanner.

From the application itself, we also can print directly the documents that we have scanned, ideal for when we don’t have a printer that will allow us to make copies of documents. All scan documents we can store them directly into Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or share directly with Evernote, Onenote to make use of the system of recognition of characters that we offer and convert the scanned document in a text document.

Obviously the application does not do miracles so we must facilitate as far as possible the work when it comes to the process, so we should color the paper on a darker than the document surface and if possible to have natural light, since the use of flash can be reflected in the document and does not offer us the results that we seek.

Smart PDF Scanner: Scan Documents and Receipts (AppStore Link)
Smart PDF Scanner: Scan Documents and Receipts

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