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Spotify will soon reach the Apple Watch with the Snowy app

No one can deny that in the war of the two large music streaming is Spotify and Apple Music, the first to be precisely one of the first to get the necessary popularity (considering their free options), and the second to come natively on all Apple devices. A world of music streaming, growing week after week brings anything new.

Spotify works swimmingly on iOS devices in spite of not being integrated in the same way as Apple Music, the problem comes when we try to use Spotify on Apple Watch, you can only control the playlist playing, nothing buestras lists navigate or search for a specific song. And is that Apple is not nothing that Spotify has interested an app in the Apple Watch, and why Spotify has been trying long have their presence on the smartwatch of Apple. It seems that the wait is coming to an end, and is that Spotify has teamed up with others to launch a fully operational spotify application, that Yes, all under the name of Snowy. After the jump, we give all the details of this exciting release for all Spotify users who possess a Apple Watch.

First of all tell you that Snowy, at the moment, is undergoing tests, but already the guys from Snowy already announce on their website that this app is the result of working directly with Spotify. An app that we could control everything related to our Spotify account without any problem, we could even sync playlist with our Apple Watch to play them from the own Apple Watch.

So now only have to wait a bit more, I don’t think that they will take much to launch Snowy for Apple Watch, that Yes, we will see problems making them Apple since they are these which have the last word in order to accept or not an app for the Apple Watch. We are awaiting, as launch Snowy for Apple Watch you give all the details.

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