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Springtomize 4 is to the come to the jaibreak iOS 10

We follow for bingo with Jailbreak, and it is that their settlement in iOS 10 is doing that developers dare enough to offer alternatives to the original functions of the system that are leaving us with an open mouth. However, the development of some tweaks that are accompanying us long and are usually the reason why we Jailbreak our iPhone seems more paralyzed. Today we are here to talk of Springtomize, the most popular personalization tweak is preparing its launch in iOS 10. And you are the most popular tweaks which tend to customize certain aspects of the operating system functional and visual level, it is not for less.

Us brings the head to not get out of Springtomize in this latest version of iOS because it is not at all compatible was Janosch Hübner, its developer, has seen fit to communicate on social networks that in a few days (not specifying how many) a new update for iOS Springtomize 4 reached 10 with what is finally compatibilizará the latest version of the Jailbreak with one of the tweaks more tours of the panorama.

Springtomize 4 to reach 10 iOS in a few days. Stay tuned to personalize your device as never before -Janosch Hübner @sharedRoutine (translated tweet)

In addition, he has accompanied the tweet of a very interesting GIF, in which we can see both the main icon of Springtomize 4 and a series of icons representing the personalization in iOS. Springtomize 4, if you do not know, allows us to slightly edit the user interface, how to change the animations by defect in the iPhone, customize the lock screen, hide applications (although it is not necessary), and many functions that you’ll discover when you realize that this piece of tweak has no penalties limits. It will be available soon, but do not suffer, you be notified via ActualidadiPhone.

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