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Statistics say that Apple loses force in the field of education

Although in Spain is not a phenomenon very rooted, at least in pre-university educational environments, in the rest of the world is knowing to adapt quite well to the use of new technologies in schools, thus help the smaller that it make the most possible devices that are within your reach, improving if it fits the way they learn the lessons. However, Windows, iOS and macOS are being replaced in classrooms for other devices at a significantly lower price, despite losing some capabilities that these devices enjoy.

Futuresource team has been a statistics of the past three years, in which we see as Windows, macOS and iOS have fallen significantly in the classrooms. Thus, devices cheap as those which include Chrome OS has grown from 38% to 50% in the United States of America. It does not run the same fate in the rest of the world, where Android has suffered a significant fall from 36% to 17%, leaving all that flat growth to Microsoft’s Windows, which is presented as a clear leader with 65% of the quota, where Windows 10 is a clear culprit of this notorious success.

Meanwhile, macOS and iOS have a residual presence in 2014 was a presence of about 4% out of the United States of America, it rose to 6% for the year 2015 but has virtually disappeared during this year 2016, between both operating systems not together or 3% of the total share of the education market.

Windows is preferred in schools outside of the United States of America, the advance which has seen Windows 10, ease-of-use and the great amount of development that is, well have earned him that success to the Redmond company.

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