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Super Mario Run continues beating records of downloads

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is completely undisputed. We found before the first appearance of the plumber more famous of all those times in a device mobile. His early appearance on iOS has made all walk like crazy by downloading the game, however, seems to be what many did not know that they would have to go through cash if they wanted to be able to play all levels of Super Mario Run, which ended with enough poor scores in the reviews of the iOS App Store. On the other hand, the success not be can hide, and is that Super Mario Run has been the game that more early has reached the 25 million of downloads.

On December 15 he laid the groundwork, Sensor Tower analysts reached the conclusion that Super Mario Run reached 25 million downloads in just four days, a success that led to Pokémon Go no less than 11 days, while another hit as Clash Royal had to wait 12 days to reach the same figure. The problem however, is that the majority of those users who have downloaded it are not thinking proceed to checkout to pay for the full game.

Not have anything that see with the quality of the game, comment from Reuters, but by the made of that the market is saturated of games free-to-play that not obligated to user to spend 10 euros. The reality is that us found to a game with a price prohibitive, not speak of 1.99€ or even 3.99€, it buys in-app is going to until them 9,99€, what can assume a barrier that not are willing to exceed.

By way of opinion, the game is fun, today we tested iPhone over not being able to, but without a doubt, does not seem a game whereby worth paying more than € 3.99, not even counting with the blessing of Nintendo.

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