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Synaptics introduces a mobile system that fingerprints and facial recognition sensor unites

Sensor multifactor de SynapticsWhat is the safest method to verify our identity? The more secure would be a reader of iris, but not seems it more comfortable if have in has that always will have that have the eye well accessible e lit. On the other hand, the fingerprint reader is more comfortable, but is a little less safe. If I want something more secure that we would have to do is combine two verification systems, and that is what has now advanced Synaptics.

Shortly before give start of way official the CES 2017, Synaptics has announced today a new System biometric multi-factor, intended for its use in mobile, tablets and computers portable, that incorporates both a reader of traces as the recognition facial, allowing to them users that unlocked a device choosing the best system for each situation. To achieve this, Synaptics has worked with KeyLemon, a company working on facial recognition.

Synaptics and KeyLemon is associated to launch a system biometric multi-factor

But the most important system tabled today by Synaptics is that, to increase the security of the device or any of the efforts that are made from the same, we could combine the two factors if we were so willing to it.

The fusion of Synaptics multi-factor engine combines authentication of multiple biometric measures points to determine the verification. This increases overall system security, since both the facial and fingerprint factors have to meet the requirements of the minimum threshold before authentication. Also, the engine of fusion improves the usability, since those thresholds of verification individual more low still are in a greater security.

Another point interesting of the last invention of Synaptics is that this made to test of impersonation, since used intelligence artificial to distinguish between a finger real and one fake. The system of recognition facial also checks the brightness of the eye and the movement of the head to prevent the impersonation of identity or the use of an image fixed.

Personally, put to ask, would have preferred that Synaptics had used the recognition of iris instead of the facial, but the Vice President of marketing of the company, Anthony Gioeli says that will include “measurements biometric and factors of safety additional” in a future. We see something similar in the iPhone 8?

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