Tuesday , May 28 2024
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The new EarPods Lightning displayed on video


Less than a month of possible Keynote presentation of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, something that is virtually taken for granted is that not have connector Jack for headphones. What is not yet clear is if the new iPhone included in your box headphones adapted to the new …

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A video shows a fully functional EarPods Lightning


They left behind the times in which we found ourselves with photographs of dubious origin and strictly poorly focused. Now leaks come in video and with good resolution. We do not know if this new initiative will be due to how easy that is to reproduce Apple’s devices in factories …

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Wireless headphones outnumber the traditional benefits in June


Despite all the criticism, it seems that almost sure decision of Apple to delete your next iPhone 3.5 mm jack comes at a good time. According to the NPD company which carries out market research, wireless headphones outweigh benefits to the traditional running cable in the United States during the …

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Why is the iPhone not going to never use the USB-C


We have long been reading and listening to the iPhone will need to change the connection, at least in Europe. The European Commission will force manufacturers to use only one type of connection that allows you to use the same charger and cable to all users, regardless of the brand …

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