Monday , February 6 2023
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Apple’s “back to school” campaign gives a few Beats


Apple today announced the launch of its program “Back to School”, a series of discounts for students and teachers including a fantastic accessory or gift as a gift. In this case, it is quite similar to that of the last year, we have a gift of a few Beats headphones …

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Facebook brings its emojis to Facebook Messenger


Communicate, so we like that to all and that is a little easier since we have mobile devices. And it is that we live in the age of communication, the 24 hours of our day are connected with the world and we can interact with anyone in the world that …

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Apple continues to improve the Taptic Engine in their laboratories


This innovative technology is the vibration Deluxe version, thanks to Taptic Engine you can simulate the exact points of the device vibration. It was one of the novelties introduced by Apple on the iPhone 6s together with 3D Touch technology, both in its perfect collaboration, could improve the experience of …

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Amazon wants an agreement just to return to selling Apple TV 


A few months ago Amazon stopped selling all the set-top boxes of more direct competition, among which we find the Apple TV and Google Chromecast since apparently you failed to reach any agreement with both companies so that its Prime Video streaming video application include natively. On this issue, in …

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Apple Pay adds support for three new banks in Canada


While users in many countries are still waiting for the company to announce the arrival of Apple Pay to new countries, the company is focusing on add new banks to this payment technology in countries where it is available. If a few weeks ago, Singapore, where he arrived make little …

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Square is released by Apple Pay with a new device


Apple Pay… The great unknown for many… but there are also many others who already use this technology in their daily lives. And is that to be able to forget some cards thank you have stored on the device that we carry every day in our pockets (or even on …

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The complete chassis of the new MacBook Pro Retina seeps 13″


We are dangerously approaching the WWDC 2016, begins the countdown, and now iPad will not allow you to Miss absolutely nothing. What more is being talked about is a supposed Strip OLED that accompany the new MacBook Pro Retina and which gap can be seen in these first leaked pictures …

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The end of the 16 GB model appears to be close


The launch of each new model, whether it be for iPad and iPhone, except the iPad Pro model, always have surprised us sadly due to which the company is launching the basic 16 GB model, storage space which does not give very little, for not to say virtually nothing. Just …

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