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The Apple Watch Nike +, protagonist of a series of funny videos

El Apple Watch Nike+, protagonista de una serie de divertidos vídeos

In the same way that Apple publishes time promotional videos of virtually all of its products, also Nike wanted to do the same, obviously in association with the company from Cupertino, to promote the model Apple Watch Nike +.

Thus, the signature sports, has released today same a series of videos with a high load humorous that are starred by the Apple Watch Nike + and the famous comedian Kevin Hart. Different situations arouse the viewer smile that highlights the main features of this special edition of Apple clock.

Nike offers a version different from the Apple Watch Nike +

It is no secret that, after the initial boom experienced in the weeks, even months after the launch of the original Apple Watch in April 2015, the interest in this device has been going increasingly to less and now, sales are much lower than what were in his day. It is a “crisis” that affects widely to the sector of the smartwatches, whose real utility, has beyond certain cases, been seriously put into question. But also in a matter of price, let’s not kid ourselves; Apple Watch has a cost that seems excessive to many and esto, logically, brakes, and much, the sales.

Faced with this, Apple has released numerous videos promotional in which has driven some of them features more prominent of the Apple Watch. And now Nike, company with which it has a close relation, has done something similar with the model that both companies share, Apple Watch Nike +. However, on this occasion, the tone is much more relaxed and fun.

Nike has published a series of humorous videos starring the comedian Kevin Hart, as for example the video “The Man Who Kept Running” (the man who kept running), in which Hart is shown as a man so occupied and captivated by the Apple Watch Nike + that, literally, could not run.

In the first video, Kevin Hart performs the unboxing of the new Apple Watch Nike + released the last month of October, followed of a message in which is indicates that, to the day following of the unboxing, had disappeared: “months later, a team of filming it found in the desert to 700 miles of their house”, is can read in the text of the video.

Then, Kevin Hart is shows with the hair long and a bushy beard running through the desert, and explains what is the reason by which no can stop of running.

I have been living here for months. But my spirit has been here for ever. Look, run used to be difficult for me, but the things changed when I woke up and heard this small voice in my head. It was the same question every day. -Do we are running today? Each day. Do you know what I started to do? I began to answer that question. Yes! Yes! So now I run. Corro.

In the following videos of this Nike campaign, comedian Kevin Hart appears speaking with rocks, planning your trip, sharing their new year’s resolutions, facing the climatic conditions or competing with your friends by making use of the motivational characteristics has the Apple clock, and especially the Apple Watch Nike +.

The advertising campaign launched by Apple Watch Nike Nike + is composed of a total of seven videos. All of them have been uploaded to the channel that the firm Nike has on YouTube. For its part, Apple launched a different campaign composed of short videos of 15 seconds showing the characteristics of fitness of the device.

The Apple Watch Nike + is a version of the Apple Watch Series 2 that, basically, is similar to the rest of models, with the exception of that has with some belts exclusive, spheres of clock also exclusive, e includes the app Nike + Run Club, designed to motivate to them users to run day after day after day… as Hurt.

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