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The day will ad. In this case for Apple Watch Series 2

A few hours before the Cupertino company launched three new ads on its official Youtube Channel to complete the saga of the “tweets” and the iPad Pro, now the company continues with advertising, but in this case dedicated to your Apple Watch Series 2. In this case is an advertisement whose title is “bright Live” a little longer than the previous iPad Pro with a duration of one minute and fourteen seconds full of energy with the music of the singer Beyonce and her song: Freedom.

In this new ad you can see several of the innovations that adds this Apple Watch Series 2 with its resistance to water, the possibility of keeping track of our exercise thanks to the GPS or functions that we have at all the Apple Watch with updates such as breathing or reminders. This is the ad that we can see in the Apple channel on Youtube:

The truth is that this type of ads are loaded with energy and sure that seeing him you realize how much you have to do in this world, something that usually make us see the company in many of their advertisements and above all directly related to sport and a healthy lifestyle.

It is true that the Apple Watch can also be seen as a product of fashion and Apple displays it in several of their ads, but in this case is directly related to the sport. Many users think that it’s a completely dispensable device, and is that it is not a product for everyone who can not fit all iPhone users, but after testing it is difficult without him.

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