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The Galaxy S8 will switch place the fingerprint reader: what will Apple do?

Image: VentureBeat

This year arises as one very special for Apple, we all know, for being the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. This makes that version of your smartphone to be launched this year come many and very high expectations, something that surely it will be elevated with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the end of March or early April.

The Korean company wants to impress the public with the new smartphone are preparing, in part to leave the bar high with regard to the Apple event for September and partly so we get to forget the recent problem with the batteries of the Galaxy Note 8. So much so, that this year will not be presented within the framework of the Mobile World Congress, but they will hold an event of its own for this purpose.

A few weeks ago we saw a video by filtering the possible appearance of the Galaxy S8, accompanied by some images, but none of them showed the back of it. Thus began to speculate is what would happen with traces of Galaxy S8 sensor: if it would be integrated into the screen or if its location would pass to the back of the terminal. A new leak today confirmed that, as you might expect, the reader will find next to the device’s camera. This serves the inability to put it in the front because of frameworks that have been reduced to a minimum.

The matter referred to the screen frames chases Apple since, at least, the past three years, approximately since the launch of the Plus model. This year we aim to see a total redesign of the new smartphone this Apple , but what happen with the fingerprint reader? Personally, I appreciate in a very positive way to be in the front, allowing easier access and faster. Will they think the same in Apple?

It seems unlikely that we will see an iPhone with the fingerprint reader incorporated directly in the display (yet), so the are keep it – along with the frame – or pass it on to the rear in an act which may not be very well received.

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