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The keynote of September 7 hours


After almost a month of rumors about the supposed date of presentation of the new iPhone 7, the Cupertino-based company confirmed yesterday the day, time and place in which the next keynote will be held. Once again Apple has returned to choose San Francisco’s Bill Graham Auditorium. The event will begin to them 10 of the morning hour local. From today iPhone are going to perform again an event special which are going to inform you live of them all them news that is presented in this keynote, keynote that us will show besides them new models of iPhone, the second generation of the Apple Watch, according to are running many rumors.

What probably not see, according to has informed Marc Gurman, is the expected renewal of them Mac, especially of them MacBook Pro, a model that becomes too time without update is and that is causing that the sales of Mac have lowered these two last quarters. If you want to follow the September 7 keynote below we leave hours from home in Spanish-speaking countries:

Schedule of Keynote September 7th

  • Spain: 19:00
  • Canary Islands: 18:00
  • Argentina: 14:00
  • Chile: 14:00
  • Venezuela: 12:30
  • Mexico: 12:00
  • Colombia 12:00
  • Ecuador 12:00
  • Peru: 12:00

How to follow the keynote live

If like to follow live the event of the next 7 of September, you can do it through:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch through the Safari browser and with an equal or higher version of iOS 7.0.
  • You can also follow it without problems in a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later and is managed by OS X 10.8.5 or higher.
  • With the Apple TV’s segunda or third generation managed by the version 6.2 or higher and with the Apple TV.
  • In addition you can also follow him through 10 Windows with the browser Microsoft Edge.
  • If not meet none of these requirements, also can follow it in your terminal Android or any version of Windows or Linux through the application VLC and the link that will publish as is closer the date of the retransmission.

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