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The Lucky bags or bags of the fate of Japan pass history

Apple had a very good tradition with those users resident in Japan for these dates Christmas and this not was another that the known Lucky bags or bags of the luck. All users of secure Apple who have heard of this promotion which had been long implementing Apple in Japan and which this year has just been deleted. The price of these lucky bags was $300 and Japanese users approached the Apple Store en masse to buy one of them as if it were a launch of the iPhone, mass.

Queues in shops were spectacular and it is not strange considering that inside these bags of luck that Apple has removed this year could find all kinds of brand devices including accessories that are sold in their stores. When we say all types of devices we mean even the possibility to get an iPad or a MacBook Air by those $ 300, so queues in shops were enormous. In any case the purchase of bags always compensate users since the value of these was always greater than it paid for them.

And time what? As seems that Apple in Exchange for these bags of it luck starts today same day 2 of January of some sales similar to that is celebrated in United States, the Black Friday. In this time of sales users can be gift cards from iTunes up to 150 dollars with the purchase of devices from Apple or similar discounts for purchases. Are sure that them users Japanese prefer have the option to the buy of them lucky bags that these discounts applied in products of Apple out of them new models released as the iPhone 7 or the new MacBook Pro 2016, but Apple has decided finish with this great promotion that out of Japan always had dear have.

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