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The music of Prince will return to Apple Music on 12 February

Have spoken in several occasions of how them artists trading with them services of music in streaming, indeed, makes some days read an interview to the group Spanish artists in a periodic national, in which spoke about them bad conditions that them put these services of music digital to them artists. Okay that it will serve to many as a promotion, but really when there are so many artists available, it is more difficult to visualize it. In summary, would say that es practically impossible find a model that like to all, that Yes, at the level of user, think that services as Apple Music us benefit enough.

But of course, there are many artists who have so much power, or so many followers better said, they are or not in music streaming services are interested in. Already saw in his day all the stir that was mounted on Taylor Swift and the launch of Apple Music… Now we return to the recently deceased, Prince who after having removed all their music from all services music streaming, seems that it will return to Apple Musicand other services, on February 12…

Actually Prince Yes that he wanted to keep his music in Tidal, the music service streams created by the artists themselves, but he withdrew all his records of Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Deezer, etc; and all this from the month of July 2015… Now are the guys from Warner Music, which confirm the arrival of Prince music streaming services, such as Apple Music, day on February 12.

That itself, as have said, is an ad released by Warner Music, i.e., only is put in these services them discs under the umbrella of Warner Music Group, to them others will have that return to Tidal… So you know, if you are followers of Prince, you’re in luck.

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