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The plan to get an iPhone 7 leads to two fans to jail


To day of today is complicated getting a new iPhone 7, and is that the new flagship of Apple is having an expansion very very slow. You will find with problems to get it in the own Apple Store’s, in large surfaces of technology, and obviously in the main companies of telephony. Yes, it is very like the 6s iPhone device, but the truth is that demand is outpacing the stock intended for the device. Is this a psychological strategy of Apple?

Strategies or not, what is clear is that many people want to do with this new iPhone, new colors and features of the new iPhone 7 (resistance to water, new processor, new home button…) make that it worthwhile for many. And beware of trying unconventional ways to get the new iPhone 7… Two fanboys in Singapore have ended in jail… Then we give all the details of the foiled plan to get a new iPhone 7, a plan of film…

As I have already said is quite difficult to do with an iPhone 7, more difficult is when we don’t have an Apple Store in our country, and this is what happened to two people in Singapore. These two guys wanted to get the new iPhone 7 as it was, knew that there was stock in the Singapore airport arrivals hall, that Yes, the stock was in the shops after security control… They bought two tickets for access to the airport and so buy one of those iPhone available 7.

The problem is that it is completely forbidden to access this zone without travel, is an area after the border which marks the control and cannot access this area not to travel. In fact, this strategy is called with $735 and up to 2 years in prison… Joke met them face. So after this, Singapore Police has warned of the problems that can bring us to access this area of the airport without travel. Be careful, not everything is worth to pick up an iPhone 7…

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