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The portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus is the protagonist of the new Apple ad

Everything has been said already about which no doubt is the most striking feature of the new iPhone 7 Plus: double Chamber and the possibility that that implies for a few photos with blur spectacular. Apple wants to, if there is someone who is unknown to this feature, be surprised with her and, in the case of know it, do not forget us. That’s the portrait mode available in this latest model of iPhone is the protagonist of the new ad that can be found on his YouTube channel.

In it we see to get a young woman to a Greek coastal town, which goes to visit her grandmother. Both sitting in a coffee shop, the granddaughter takes a photograph of her grandmother using the portrait mode, after which this you become amazed by the quality of it, drawing the attention of everyone in the cafeteria. After this, we can see how the young woman is passed the rest of the video taking portraits of all the inhabitants of the village, who are eager to have a picture of such quality.

This funny commercial is intended to remind us of the characteristic that most can call attention to potential buyers in this new year, since this continues to be the flagship of the company – at least – until September, when we venture to assume that we know the commitment of Apple for the year in which the original iPhone meets a decade since its launch.

The portrait mode has demonstrated as much in these first months of life, making it clear that we are closer than ever to abandon professional cameras in more and more areas, since we carry in our pockets one gaining in power with each passing year. We can’t wait to see what will be the next big bet of the company in terms of photography on the iPhone.

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