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The rumor of the 8 iPhone touchscreen OLED 5.8 inch continues gaining strength

Comes in March and, if we look at the experience of previous years, begins to be time to go take more into account the rumors and leaks that reach our ears. From now on, many of them will help us go forming the main characteristics that will bring the next smartphone from Apple. One of them, which seems to be gaining more and more strength in the course of the months, is referred to the launch of three new models this year, of which one of them would have a screen OLED 5.8 inch (0.3 inches larger than the current model Plus, 5.5).

However, this would not imply that the size of the device would not be increased, since one of the big bets for this 2017 by all manufacturers of smartphones is the tendency to reduce the frame surrounding the display. We have already seen this with the recently presented at MWC LG G6 and return it to see the next day 29 in the event that Samsung, which will unveil its new Galaxy S8 has prepared.

Competition is begun to largely take advantage of useful screen in its terminal space, and Apple cannot remain behind in this aspect, especially when their devices will be presented with nearly six months of difference with respect to its most direct rival. So, be expected to the coming iPhones present less frames and more usable screen space without significantly changing the size of the product.

What will happen with the Touch ID after reduction with these frameworks is still a mystery, as it is unlikely that Apple decide to change the location of the reader of fingerprints to the back of the iPhone, as we know that it will happen to the next Galaxy. Will it be integrated, then, in the screen itself? Unknown wsta is only one of many that will unravel now.

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