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The S8 Galaxy could include a back dual camera


Seems that of a time to this part the fashion of to see who offers more megapixel in the camera of their devices has been in a second flat and finally is have given has of that it really important for the user is the quality of the photography not the size to which can expand it. In the last year them manufacturers finally have opted by offer a resolution more reasonable increasing the quality of the sensors, and by ende, of them photographs and videos that carry out with them. But it seems that that is not enough and now heyou leading manufacturers are focusing on delivering a double rear camera to make our photographs in a way much better.

Again, we have to talk about rumors, but this time related to the next model of Samsung for the series S, S8, to be presented at the beginning of the coming year. According to them last rumors, this model could arrive to the market with double camera as supposedly the next iPhone 7 Plus, although until not is this officially the next 7 of September not going to out of doubts.

According to Sammobile, who has leaked the news, the main sensor would offer us a 12 megapixel resolution, which currently have the Samsung S7 and Samsung Note 7. The second sensor would have a 13 megapixel resolution. This second sensor would be the charge of improve the depth of field the photographs. It seems that with the new fashion of the dual camera, the second lens will be responsible for play with the opening of the diaphragm to blur or focus, according to our needs, the background of the photographs.

Currently in the market can find several smartphones with camera dual as the Huawei P9, the LG G5 and the Honor 8 and V8, although not are those unique since Xiaomi, Oppo and telephone have planned launch new models also with camera dual. As go passing them months, them rumors related with this possibility and others, as that integrate also the scanner of iris is will go confirming with the time, since lately Samsung us has accustomed to filter practically all the features of their models days before your presentation.

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