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The third generation of the Apple Watch could reach in the third quarter of this year

Them boys of cupertino have weighed practically two years in renew the Apple Watch, a renewal that us has brought in addition to a processor improved, a chip GPS and resistance to the water, some features very demanded by them users regular of this device. At the moment we do not know as it has responded to the market, but if we listen in the latest report of IDG, we see as the smartwatches market this year has stopped dry, especially sales of Apple Watch, model smartwatch that capitalized on the majority of the sales last year and is only compatible with the iPhone.

While the market digested these new models, from China arrive new rumors that are running to Apple could launch the Apple Watch Series 3 in the third quarter of this year. DIGITIMES says that Apple is would focus in improve still more the consumption of battery of the same, a consumption that is has reduced considerably with the last update of watchOS in addition to have reduced the time of expected at the time of run them applications, another of the large demands of them users of this device. According to this publication, the design would be virtually the same as the current model, which came to market in March 2015, although it arose in October 2014.

I doubt that Apple begins to renew Apple Watch each year, taking into account that this year the demand for it has not been very high, if we listen to IDG data, data that were quickly contradict by Tim Cook, without informing of the actual sales of the same. Of time the interest of them users of iPhone is focused in know as will be the next iPhone tenth anniversary and that news will bring get, some news that should be it sufficiently attractive as for return to call the attention of them followers of the company.

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