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There will be screens for all iPhone OLED in 2019

We have been talking for almost a month about the possibility of Apple to use screens with technology OLED Panel, this mode would be a qualitative leap in what autonomy and brightness refers. However, it seems that the Cupertino company has planned that this new development will reach all devices during this year 2017, and is that it could delay enough in response to the reports that have been leaked in the last hours. This does not rule out the possibility that the eighth edition and special iPhone include screen OLED, but if you can forget the rest of devices.

According to the medium Patently Apple, have been able to access information from Korea of the South which certify the rumors, and it is the iPhone 8 (or Special Edition) if that will feature a panel OLED, technology that already they are using other brands such as Samsung or LG long. These panels will not however come to the more mundane models of the iPhone up to within a couple of years. Specifically the Cupertino company expects to handle around 60 million units of panels OLED next year 2018, and duplicate this demand during the year 2019, so that all its new models of the iPhone already have this type of panel.

There are many times that we have used to talk about the benefits of the panels OLED, however, we already know the company of Apple in terms of drastic changes refers in technologies that he knows very well. Few LCD panels can be found in the market that Apple used in the iPhone 7 for example, however, saving battery consumption will undoubtedly be the great incentive to screen OLED definitely reach the Palm of our hands, a necessary step.

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