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These are the bases for the estudiantes-desarrolladores in the WWDC17

It is already “very little” to the World Wide Developers Conference, the event that Apple chooses to accommodate all developers of iOS interested in exploiting all the qualities of the mobile operating system of the Cupertino company. However, not only professionals and lovers of the development come together in this event, also many students who are at the same time programmers take advantage of WWDC environment to bring out all its capabilities, and why not, learn a little bit more. These are the bases for the estudiantes-desarrolladores in the WWDC17 and the access and selection criteria proposed by Apple.

Apple has already established the criteria to be considered estudiante-desarrollador within the WWDC. Selection period will be held on March 27 at 10 in the morning (local time) and which will last until next April 2, also know the fortunate April 21. These estudiantes-desarrolladores will test their abilities. To this end, eligible students from thirteen years of age, who have a free account or payment from Apple Developer, and who are studying full time or partial studies related to the issue to develop.

(E)his year has been focused on what is known as Swift Playgrounds, the development environment simple for Swift, a series of “games” that allow you to learn at the basic level. For this reason, you need to upload your content and tell in less than 500 words what, and which technologies have been used for the development of your application.

This last part of the small text is perhaps one of the great changes in the face of previous years. We do not expect to receive too many surprises during the WWDC 2017, however, with Apple you never know. We are aware as always and we will bring you all the news of what may emerge during the Developer Conference.

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