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They sue Apple for not blocking Facetime while driving

You can not use a device mobile as an iPhone while driving is something that everyone knows. However it is frequent to see how many are the people who are using your iPhone, your GPS, any electronic device in general while they are behind the wheel. Not makes lack that us it have that remember the DGT (body Spanish of the control of them roads) to know the danger that entails away it view of the road for interact with our iPhone while drive.

Yes, are many them applications that are “block” if detected that are to the flying, something that happens for example with them applications GPS which frequently us block the writing if are driving. But of course, certain parts are blocked doesn’t mean that we can not interact with the app. And is there where wants to get a family involved in an accident in United States, that are them own manufacturers, in this case Apple, who block the use of the applications while is leads, in concrete the app Facetime… Do to who it happens to get on and do a video call through Facetime while driving?

Because this is something that happened, it is not the only time or much less, 24 December 2004. James and Bethany Modisette next to his 5-year-old daughter were driving in a traffic jam in Dallas. Due to the traffic the car in back is beileve and ended up colliding with them. James finished in the hospital and it girl of 5 years due to the wounds of gravity ended up dying.

The worst is that the occupant of the car that caused the accident acknowledged having been using Facetime, and emergency services declared that the use of iPhone caused the dismissal and the fatal accident. Is by this that the family has sued to Apple so are they which block the use of the iPhone while is is driving. Probably this not come to nothing, but is something that can make us think about the responsibility that they may have the technology in these circumstances companies

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