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This is how Apple Watch Series 2 expels water from the speakers


The Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant, and is resistant to the point where we can dive with the up to 50 meters deep, one resistance greater than the new iPhone 7 which as you know also is water resistant. A resistance that entails several challenges for engineers: you have to protect all the hardware making a completely watertight device but there are certain parts that are having to be exposed to air and water…

And it is here where come into play the new speakers of the Apple Watch Series 2, some speakers that are capable of expelling water that enters therein to plunge with the smartwatch of Apple. After the jump you teach a video in slow motion (slo-mo) where you can see the curious performance of the new Apple Watch Series 2 speakers, a video that looks perfectly like the water trapped inside the speaker out.

Click here to view the embedded video.

As you can see, what we told the guys at Apple during the Keynote presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 2 works, the new speaker is prepared to issue a series of sounds that make vibrate the water and pull it out of the Apple Watch Series 2. A curious method that solves the problem that would cause the water in the speakers perfectly.

Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters why it is possible to use it in the pool and in the sea. As speakers can not be sealed because they need air to produce sound, we have reinvented our: allow the water and expel it using the vibration of the sound.

So you know, stay calm whenever you save you at the pool with your new Apple Watch Series 2, you can put you even in the sea though in this case you will have to have some more care to trying to not dive much (50 metres of depth at most) and clean it with normal water to remove the salt.

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